Curbside Valet and Long Term Parking Rates Increase at CLT

September 2, 2016 – Effective September 9, daily rates for Long Term parking will increase from $5 to $7, and Curbside Valet will rise from $28 to $35.

The Airport last increased parking rates on February 17, 2014 for Curbside Valet, Business Valet, the Hourly Deck, Daily Decks and Daily Lots as phase one of a parking rate increase.

With record-setting local passenger numbers and rising costs associated with providing public parking services, the Airport is now implementing phase two of the parking rate increase.

The new rates continue to provide customers with parking options at all price points, including economical parking options. CLT has approximately 28,000 public parking spaces.


  ​CLT Park​ing Rates
Parking Lot Current Rate New Rate
Curbside Valet $28 daily $35 daily
Long Term $5 daily $7 daily
Hourly Deck $20 daily No Change
Business Valet $14 daily No Change
Daily Deck ​​$10 daily No Change
Daily North $8 daily No Change
  ​New rates are effective September 9, 2016​


Charlotte Douglas International Airport is an enterprise fund of the City of Charlotte. The Airport is operated financially on a fully self-sustaining basis – no local taxpayer dollars or general fund revenues have ever been or are appropriated to the cost of the facilities or operations. Rather, Airport revenues defray all capital and operating costs including the cost of City furnished services. Airport revenue types include the airfield, terminal area, concessions, parking and the cargo area. This gives the Airport its annual operating budget.


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