CLT Thanksgiving Travel Tips

To make your Thanksgiving flying adventures easier, here are CLT’s top five travel tips.

  1. Plan ahead, arrive early and expect lines: Just like you, thousands of others are traveling next week too. Plan your trip to the Airport before you leave home. Download the CLT app for information you will need on the go. It’s free from the Apple store or Google Play. Check your flight status online and inspect your luggage before you pack. Airlines and the TSA recommend arriving two hours prior to a domestic flight, three hours for international. If flying with children, elderly or others that may need assistance, arrive even earlier.

  2. Park smart. Better yet, have someone else drive you: CLT has ample parking across its campus, but it can fill up quickly during the holidays. If you want to avoid the hassle there are options: Carpool, use valet parking, take the bus, go online to order a ride-share app service, call a taxi, or have someone drop you off in front of the terminal or from inside the Hourly Deck, where ticketing is a short walk away. When they return to pick you up, they can park in the Cell Phone Lot for free. If space is available, the first hour of the Hourly Deck is also free. Using the Pay & Go stations when leaving the terminal, makes for a quicker exit.

  3. Know the security requirements before you leave for the airport:Have your boarding pass and identification ready. Save time – print passes at home. TSA Precheck lines are located at Checkpoints B & D. Checkpoint lines may be adjusted to accommodate crowds. Pay close attention to signage directing you to the proper lines. Leave weapons and other prohibited items at home. Not sure what is allowed through the checkpoint? Contact @AskTSA on Facebook and Twitter, or use the “What Can I Bring?” feature at

  4. Relax and enjoy your travel experience:The time will pass quickly with more than 120 places to shop and dine inside the Airport. Try a craft beer or start your Christmas shopping while you wait for your flight to board. As you shop, take time to enjoy the many works of art all over the terminal. Grab a rocking chair and watch the planes and people come and go. We also have a USO for military servicemembers and their families, multiple Mother’s Rooms for nursing moms and places for Fido to go before you fly. And as always, there is free WiFi throughout the Airport and numerous places to charge your mobile devices.

  5. Numbers and websites to know