Terminal Lobby Expansion’s East Side Opens

Nov. 16, 2023 - The Terminal Lobby Expansion’s (TLE) east side opened in early November, completing new construction to expand the Ticketing lobby and providing additional circulation space and access to the east subterranean walkway.

The new addition features large, picturesque windows, terrazzo flooring and architectural-detailed scalloped ceilings that mirror the TLE’s west side, which opened in July 2022.

Spectacular twin “Meridian” sculptures hang in the east and west ends of the lobby. Artist Danielle Roney used LED embedded, perforated stainless steel pipe in a spherical pattern. The cycle of arrivals and departures are depicted in the sculpture’s spiraling motion.

Inside the new terminal lobby on the Ticketing level, there is a long, undulating ribbon design to the structure. It was inspired by the aerodynamics of flight patterns and honors Charlotte’s distinction as home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame as well as many racing teams. The visual focal points guide travelers to the security checkpoints.

The east and west sides of the expansion project increase the terminal lobby by 175,000 square feet. Another 191,000 square feet where the airline ticket counters are located will be renovated. Work continues on the expansion’s 146,000-square-foot canopy covering the terminal’s eight-lane upper roadway. The entire $608 million lobby expansion is expected to be complete in fall 2025.

In 1982 when the Airport opened, 2.8 million local travelers came through the terminal a year. Now, that annual number is more than 13 million local passengers who begin their trip at CLT. The lobby’s sky-high ceiling and open layout allow many people to share the same space without feeling cramped.

The project is part of Destination CLT, the Airport’s $4 billion capital investment program.

What’s Next

The next phase of the Terminal Lobby Expansion includes renovating the older part of the lobby, finishing the 146,000-square-foot canopy that will protect passengers being dropped off and picked up in front of the terminal, as well as overhead walkways so visitors can bypass traffic.

Learn more about the Terminal Lobby Expansion on the CLT Airport website.