CLT Opens Five New Lanes of Elevated Roadway

Upper Level Roadway


April 4, 2019 – Five new upper lanes of the Elevated Roadway and Terminal Curb Front at Charlotte Douglas International Airport are now open, offering drivers a quicker entry to and exit from the terminal.

Vehicles have been rerouted from the current three lane upper roadway (Departures/Ticketing) to the newly constructed five lane upper roadway, marking the completion of Phase II and signaling a major milestone for the project.

"We are excited about the progression of the Elevated Roadway and Terminal Curb Front," said Aviation Director/CEO Brent Cagle. "The opening of five lanes on the upper roadway will have an immediate impact. Traffic flow will improve, creating a smoother drive for picking up and dropping off passengers."

Additional traffic officers are on site to assist drivers. Lower level roadway traffic (Arrivals/Baggage Claim) remains the same.

Four temporary pedestrian walkways recently built provide the public access to and from the new roadway and terminal without impeding vehicular traffic.

Currently, the Elevated Roadway and Terminal Curb Front is 90 percent complete. The $50 million project is part of Destination CLT, a $2.5-$3.1 billion capital investment program to renovate the concourses and expand CLT's roadways, curb front, airfield and terminal.    

Crews are moving into Phase III, the final stage of the project, which includes demolishing the existing entrance and exit ramps to complete the west and east ends of the roadway.

"This is an extensive construction project located at our front door," Cagle added. "Our local passengers have been patient with us, and we're now at a point where they can experience firsthand the improvements that enhance their traveling experience."

When completed in fall 2019, the Elevated Roadway and Terminal Curb Front will be unveiled in phases starting with the debut of eight new lanes on the lower level roadway by the end of the year. Commercial vehicles (shuttles, buses, taxis and TNCs) will then shift to the three inside lanes near the terminal and personal vehicles will occupy the five outside lanes near the Hourly Deck.

The last phase of the roadway will involve opening the three upper lanes near the terminal to commercial vehicles. Those lanes will stage equipment for the Terminal Lobby Expansion and will welcome drivers once that project is complete in four to five years.

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