Frequently Asked About Passenger Information Amid COVID-19

April 9, 2020
5:11 p.m.

Domestic Flights

Passengers flying OUT of Charlotte

The best resource for information about travel restrictions is your airline or government resources such as state and county health departments. State-by-state restrictions should come from the respective state’s main online source of updates on COVID-19. 

More information is available at the Centers for Disease Control

Because travel restrictions can be issued on local, state and federal levels at any time and can change quickly, there is simply too much information for us to have available for all locations, individual state resources are a passenger’s best source of information at this time.

Passengers on a CONNECTING flight in Charlotte

For customers connecting through CLT who may be concerned or have questions about airline procedures here – please contact your airline. If an airline is implementing special procedures for select destinations from CLT, they should know best how to answer customer questions.

Follow up with your airline to be sure there are no changes to your scheduled flights.  If it were to become necessary to re-book due to local restrictions at any point in your travel, you would need to do so with the airline.

Passengers flying INTO Charlotte from other destinations or the CDC are good resources for those traveling to our airport.  The NC DHHS site  provides a good summary of state and national information.

Currently, North Carolina has no restrictions on domestic travelers arriving in the state.  However, there are areas such as the New York Tri-State that have been cautioned by the CDC not to travel and anyone arriving in from those or other high-risk areas should prepare to self-quarantine for 14 days and abide by all North Carolina pandemic orders, including the Stay-at-Home orders.  Information is available on the CDC website.

International Flights

Passengers flying out of in from INTERNATIONAL destinations.

The COVID-19 pandemic is both a fluid and rapidly changing situation. The best sfour of information regarding international travel is the CDC or your respective airline.

Resources on COVID-19 and travel:

CDC Website

Coronavirus and Travel in the United States

More specific CDC information for travelers

List of current International Travel Advisories

List of No Entry to USA