March 24, 2020
5:45 p.m.

Effective at 7 p.m. today (March 24, 2020) Employee Lots 1 and 2 and Business Valet tenant parking will temporarily close. All employees with official airport-issued parking hangtags will be allowed to park in the Daily Deck. In addition, the Aviation Department adjusted its employee busing operations that go into effect today as well.

New temporary employee parking in the Daily Deck gives employees the option to be much closer to the terminal than usual. Employees can then choose whether to take a short bus ride or follow a newly created walking path to the terminal.  The adjusted bus routes are intended to limit the length of time an employee spends on the bus. This, along with continued deep cleaning of buses every eight hours, is intended to lessen potential exposure.

We rely on employees to make good decisions regarding social distancing and not boarding overcrowded buses.  We encourage employees to allow plenty of time to walk or catch a shuttle bus and get to the terminal before their shifts begin. One of the challenges we face, is that most employees work the same shift, which creates a surge in demand for the buses.  We continue to work with our partners and have asked them to assist in identifying solutions to this issue.

Employees can find directions to the Daily Deck on the CLT web site.

This information has also been posted at the Employee Lot 1 and 2 bus shelters and on the Extranet, which tenant managers and supervisors can access with previously assigned credentials.

The change in employee parking is temporary and the Airport reserves the right to move back to the original parking configuration at any time. Employees will not be charged for parking in the Daily Deck during this temporary configuration.

The Aviation Department has also rolled out a modified parking and shuttle bus plan for customers that appears in the March 20 update. Public parking for passengers is now in the Hourly Deck. This enables them to also walk to the terminal.