All requests for public information and media interviews should be directed to the Office of Strategic Communications at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). When breaking news occurs, this site will be updated with the latest news and information as available.

Contact Information

Contact the media hotline 704-359-4933 or e-mail for all news items. This is the primary contact method for inquiries and interview requests. A member of the Communications team will assist you.

We will make every effort to work within media deadlines. Some requests require detailed information and may take additional time to conduct the necessary research. Please include the correct contact information, including email address and the media outlet’s deadline information. Communications Staff:

Amanda DeWeese, Communications Director
Chris Poore, Public Affairs Manager
Erika Helm, Communications Manager  

More Information


The official spokesperson for Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the Aviation Director, unless otherwise directed by the Aviation Director. Interviews with Aviation Department staff must be arranged through the Office of Strategic Communications. Utilize the media hotline 704-359-4933 and/or e-mail address Arrangement for interviews must be made in advance through the Communications Office. Please provide a 24-hour notice for non-emergency requests.

When covering events at CLT that concern airlines, news media should direct questions to the public relations representative for that respective business. When asking about the impact of an event on Airport operations, the Airport’s Office of Strategic Communications is the first point of contact (utilize the media hotline and/or e-mail address).

News Releases

News releases are issued by the Office of Communications to describe changes in services, Airport construction, notices to travelers during severe weather, busy seasons and as needed. A listing of the wire services, local newspaper, television and radio outlets are used for distribution and releases are generally sent by electronic media alert and are posted on the Airport's Website and CLT’s social media platforms as well.

Please advise Communications if you would like to be placed on the contact list, or if your contact information changes.

Media Access

News media is allowed access to public areas of the terminal. The public areas are the Departures/Ticketing lobby (upper level) and the Arrivals/Baggage lobby (lower level). For security purposes, access beyond screening checkpoints is prohibited without prior approval from the Office of Communications.

Media Parking

Media parking map
News and media representatives on assignment at CLT may park official news vehicles in the designated spaces of flat lot area west of the Air Traffic Control Tower (outside the FAA fence) between the Hourly and Daily Decks.


To Enter:

  • To access the new location, follow the signage for the Hourly/Daily deck entrance. Veer slightly to the left of the entrance and stop at the gate arm denoting “Bus Entrance Only.”
  • Call 704.359.4038 to reach Parking.
  • Alert the parking attendant that you are a member of the media and you wish to park in the Media Lot. Once you clear the gate, make the first right and then veer left at the Yield sign located directly in front of the Hourly Deck.
  • Next, immediately take the first left into the open surface lot beside the Air Traffic Control Tower. (Outside the FAA fence)
  • Signage is in place denoting media parking.

To Exit:

  • Take a left turn out of the Media Lot.
  • Turn left after passing the Air Traffic Control Tower.
  • Next, take the first right and proceed straight ahead to the gate arm.
  • Call 704.359.4038, identify yourself, and alert a parking attendant that you wish to exit.
Vehicle Signage

Clearly marked signage on media vehicles is required. If you do not have a marked vehicle, please leave a printed sign on your dashboard naming your media organization.

Access To Terminal on Foot from Media Lot
  • Enter the north side of the Hourly Deck.
  • Take the elevator or stairs to Level 4.
  • Next, walk across the deck and take the stairs or elevator on the opposite side (south) of the Hourly Deck to Level 2.
  • Once on Level 2, cross the walkway directly to the terminal.

Personnel may be picked up and dropped off at the terminal's curbside. Media advisory updates will include parking changes as needed.

  • While filming and conducting interviews at CLT, all media representatives are required to display media identification or news credentials.
  • Crews should not block passenger or vehicular traffic. Additionally, cameras cannot be staged in airline operational areas.
  • Filming is permitted in the terminal lobbies. However, cameras and crews are not to impede passenger throughput in public areas, including doorways, movement through lobbies, etc.
  • Cameras and crews cannot be staged at counters or in a line of customers waiting for service.
  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for operating CLT's security screening checkpoints. Filming at screening checkpoints is limited to the public areas prior to the checkpoints. TSA policy states that security monitors cannot be filmed.
  • Media access to areas leased by Airport tenants, including airlines and store owners, is at the discretion of the tenant.

Commercial Filming

Commercial filming requires permission from Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Please visit the Filming at CLT page for information.

Emergency Information

Alert 1: Minor Difficulty – Indicates a potential emergency that may require dispatch of emergency equipment at a later time.

Alert 2: Major Difficulty – Indicates that a potential emergency exists requiring immediate dispatch of emergency equipment on stand-by positions on the airfield.

Alert 3: Accident – Indicates that an accident is imminent or has occurred, requiring immediate dispatch of emergency equipment to the scene.

Emergency Information

The Office of Strategic Communications will disseminate pertinent information to the media in the event of an emergency at CLT. Please be advised information may not be shared immediately and will only be distributed once it is confirmed. Media will be notified of any briefings through advisories, social media (@CLTairport) and

The Aviation Director or designee will provide basic information at the appropriate time. Depending on the nature of the emergency, CLT will defer to its partners for the distribution of specific information.

Public Information Office Responsibilities

It is recommended you first contact the CLT Office of Strategic Communications through the media line and/or the email address (704.359.4933 or In the case of an aircraft incident, various agencies will take lead on the distribution of information. Below is the list of agencies responsible for the release of accurate information:

  • Incident Confirmation:  Aviation Department Office of Strategic Communications
  • Cause: National Transportation Safety Board
  • Passenger information: Airline
  • Baggage and Screening: Transportation Security Administration
  • Air Traffic: Federal Aviation Administration
  • Law Enforcement: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Other agencies that may be involved include U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.