Parking Operations Modernization Continues

Beginning Jan. 4, passengers who wish to pay for parking in cash must use a Ready Station to convert that cash into a cash card before exiting a CLT lot or deck. CLT is making the change for continued modernization of its parking operations.

Three machines are located in Departures/Ticketing lobby (near the United Airlines counter, across from Checkpoint C and across from American Airlines international check-in).

How it works: Passengers will insert money into one of the Ready Stations, which will disperse a cash card for drivers to place in the parking toll device upon departing the Airport. All parking facilities will accept cash cards. There is a $6 service charge.

Cash will continue to be accepted for Valet and the Express Deck services with no service charge. Credit card, debit card and mobile payment apps, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, are the preferred method of payment for Airport parking.

Currently, passengers paying cash use the Pay&Go machines located in the Hourly Deck. These machines, however, will be deactivated on Jan. 4.

Less than 0.5% of the Airport’s parking revenue is from cash payments. Since the new parking revenue system was launched in fall 2020, Charlotte Douglas has been transitioning to cashless payment for its parking facilities.