New Airport Overlook Coming in 2024

The Airport Overlook, one of CLT’s favorite spots, will get a serious and much-needed upgrade as part of the North End Around Taxiway Project, which includes airfield improvements associated with the forthcoming runway. That brings up two very important notes; first, the Airport Overlook is not going away.

The new Overlook is currently in design. It will remain on Airport property, very close to its current location off Old Dowd Road. It will maintain the spectacular airfield, skyline and terminal views enthusiasts have enjoyed for decades. It also will feature modern amenities, paved parking and an expanded Food Truck staging area.  

The second important note is the new Overlook will be built and open before the current location at 4355 Airport Overlook Drive closes. 

Aviation enthusiasts have enjoyed plane-spotting for years at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Morris Field, the original airstrip, was a popular spot for watching those first flights. The top of the Old Terminal on Yorkmont Road included a roof-top dining room and a step-out area that featured viewfinders.  The current Overlook opened in 1989 and has had several touch-ups over the years. 

The new Overlook will keep the tradition going for families and friends who love aviation as much as the people who work at the Airport does.

Stay tuned for more details to come as plans move forward for the new Overlook.