Lobby Expansion’s Progress Continues
New airline ticket counters opening, Checkpoint B Closing March 17 to Add Lanes

The Terminal Lobby Expansion (TLE) is nearly halfway complete and remains on target for a fall 2025 finish. The TLE project is increasing the current terminal lobby space by 175,000 square feet and renovating another 191,000 square feet to enhance the passenger experience. The TLE is the signature project for Destination CLT, the Airport’s $3.1 billion capital investment in capacity enhancement projects. 

Improvements will include condensing CLT’s five security checkpoints into three larger checkpoints with greater capacity to process passengers faster through security. First up is Checkpoint B, which will close March 17 for expansion to include six Automated Screening Lanes and two standard lanes. Currently, Checkpoint B has four security lanes and processed on average 7,300 daily passengers last summer. It is scheduled to reopen before the holidays with the latest technology, a modern look and new name - Checkpoint 1. 

CLT has been preparing for Checkpoint B construction by intermittently closing it over the past several months. The Airport has closely coordinated passenger impacts with the Transportation Security Administration and the airlines. Once Checkpoint B is permanently closed, TSA will reposition its employees to other checkpoints and open additional lanes based on daily passenger projections.

Passengers are strongly reminded to be inside the terminal at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. TSA strives to keep security wait times to 30 minutes or less for standard screening and under 15 minutes for TSA PreCheck®. Longer wait times could be possible during periods of heavy volume. 

More changes also are coming next month: 

  • The Airport Information Desk will relocate across from Door 1 near the closed Checkpoint B in early March.
  • An exit lane for Checkpoint A will reopen on March 16.
  • New TLE west side ticket counters will move 30 feet in front of existing counters for Delta, Air Canada, JetBlue, Contour, Frontier, Southwest and United airlines – starting in mid-March.  

The changes are happening ahead of an anticipated busy spring break and summer travel at Charlotte Douglas. Passenger traffic is expected to match or exceed 2019 (pre-pandemic) travel numbers. To make the best of your trip, “Don’t Fly by the Seat of Your Pants.” Passengers should:

The Airport will have additional staff in the lobby to guide and assist passengers during these changes.