‘Connections’ Support Region’s Economy and Social Vitality

Charlotte Douglas International Airport has many programs designed to build community goodwill and support charitable causes.

Our goal has been - and will continue to be - to show and explain why the Airport is an essential part of the community and to embrace the positives that come from having a world-class Airport in the region.

The Connections Don’t Just Happen at the Terminal campaign was intended to show all the connections CLT has in the community – from educational efforts and programs that give small business opportunities to sustainable practices and career opportunities, and more.

Over 6 million people were connected to these stories from our website, social media and community engagement work. We are changing the narrative - CLT is more than a place where people get on an airplane and fly away.

Throughout 2022, we chronicled the people whose lives were changed for the better from the opportunities and connections created from our community engagement efforts.

People like Adair Pineda, Marcus Lowery and Alex Armata, whose futures were at a crossroads – until they connected with the Airport. The educational opportunities made possible from the Runway 5K, CLT Charity Golf Tournament and the Aviation Apprenticeship Program connected them to thriving careers, at no cost to them personally.

For Lapri Holmes, the CLT Charity Golf Tournament helped her achieve her goal of homeownership in a historic soon-to-be revitalized affordable housing neighborhood just one mile from CLT.

Citizens such as Nakia Savage, who lives in the Airport’s shadows and wondered how everything came together. Her curiosity about how the Airport operates inspired her to join the Aviation Academy and the Airport Community Roundtable. She carries the lessons learned from both programs and applies them to her everyday life as an advocate for CLT.

There is Air Force veteran Bruce Travis, a 76-year-old Vietnam veteran, Carolinas Aviation Museum volunteer and active skydiver who connects his vast aviation experience to educating the community and sharing his passion and knowledge. That work includes keeping the museum artifacts in pristine condition while a new museum is built.

Small businesses like Martin Landscaping, TastyIce and 22 Street Kitchen. These small fishes in a big pond are successful by building their customer bases and businesses from the opportunities a level playing field the Airport provides.

It’s not just people. 

The beautiful artwork in the terminal?

It is the result of tightly knit connections of personal stories, nostalgia and community engagement efforts that tell the visual story of Charlotte’s past, present and future.

A healthier community?

Just as other businesses and the public are looking for ways to be more environmentally aware and energy efficient at work and at home, the same thing is happening at CLT. Our sustainability efforts involve finding innovative ways to use resources responsibly, provide a healthier community and ensure a brighter tomorrow for future generations.

This is just the beginning. CLT has a vested interest in this community. It’s employees live and work here.

CLT connects residents to 184 nonstop destinations throughout the world. But in the community, the Airport is a connection to growth, new opportunities and life-changing experiences.

Find out more at cltairport.com/CLTconnects.