New Airport Overlook Debuts
Experience Unparalleled Views, Immersive Education and Fun-Filled Adventures

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is unveiling its long-awaited permanent Airport Overlook to the public on Friday, June 7. Located at 5130 Airport Overlook Drive, it is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week and admission is free.

“The Airport knows how important the Overlook is to the local community and we worked diligently to create a place that people of all ages will enjoy,” said CLT Chief Infrastructure Officer Jack Christine. “This space showcases many displays and features that will educate, inspire and create lasting memories.”


The 600,000-square-foot area was designed to inspire and propel the next generation of aviators. It maintains the spectacular airfield, skyline and terminal views enthusiasts have enjoyed for decades and features modern amenities, LED lighting, paved parking and an expanded food truck staging area.

A retired U.S. military fighter jet, an F-4 Phantom II, is on display along with informative exhibits featuring Carolinas’ aviation history. Young aviators will enjoy the playground, which is purposely crafted to highlight Airport features, including a mini air traffic control tower and runway. The site also includes a USAir Flight 106 memorial.

Visitors will be greeted at the Old Dowd Road entrance by a bright blue tail sign that was previously located on Josh Birmingham Parkway. Installed in 1992, it was removed in 2014 and restored specifically for the Overlook to provide easy wayfinding access.

A full list of Overlook amenities can be found at

This marks the fifth dedicated Overlook at CLT since 1937. The most recent Overlook location had served the community since 1989. It closed Oct. 3, 2022, for construction of the North End-Around Taxiway and future Fourth Parallel Runway. A temporary area was created during construction of the permanent Overlook.